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The Apartment Gurus: Episode 241

The Ultimate Cheat Code for Multifamily Investing

Discover the ultimate hack to multifamily investing with Jen and Stacy's journey into remote real estate. Learn the essentials of starting in real estate, the power of mentorship, and building a solid community. Take your investment game to new heights with insights that break the mold.

Taking The Leap Into Commercial Real Estate: Episode 21

Remote strategies in commercial real estate: Jen & Stacy Conkey's inspiring journey

In this episode of "Taking the Leap Into Commercial Real Estate" hosts Angel and Brittany Gonzalez sit down with special guests Jen and Stacy Conkey, founders of the thriving academy dedicated to remote Commercial Real Estate strategies. From flipping single-family houses to becoming industry leaders, Jen shares her inspiring journey from a Corporate America Executive to a key player in the Commercial Real Estate realm. Stacy, with a career-long dedication to remote investing, sheds light on her own unique path.

This program is just great from every aspect. The information is easy to understand and done in an enjoyable fashion. Stacy and Jen make learning fun! The support of the whole team, and students is a very rare find ...

Erin Miller

On TrustPilot

The tools, the guidance and the mentorship are unequaled form what I've done and seen. I now am excited as ever  to take my investing business to the next level. Thanks Jen and Stacy.

Maurice Selva

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