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Discover our unique approach that bridges the gap between "just" learning to invest in Multifamily Real Estate - and making a measurable impact...

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A revolutionary approach to predictable, repeatable results investing in multifamily real estate!

"I started in April 2022, in October 2022, I have acquired 34 units, and just went under contract for 24 [more]... Their secret sauce? Mindset training and a community of people to partner with."

Liz Carlin

October 21, 2022 on TrustPilot

The all 5-star review REI Mentors on TrustPilot.

When you're teaching, coaching, and mentoring in the Real Estate Investing space, gaining the accolades of your clients is EARNED. We have over 40 5-Star reviews on TrustPilot, a perfect 100%, and an overall TrustPilot score of 4.8

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Jen & Stacy Conkey have earned 4.8 stars on TrustPilot with 100% 5-Star Reviews

A World Class Team, Dedicated to your success!

The true measure of a mentor's dedication is their unwavering commitment to the growth and prosperity of their mentees, providing ongoing support, encouragement, and accountability on the path to real estate success.

Jen & Stacy, and their entire team of world-class coaches, are committed to your success in Multifamily Real Estate, offering personalized strategies, advice, and ongoing support specifically tailored to your unique goals and circumstances.

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What we're all about

Jen and Stacy Conkey are highly respected multifamily real estate investor mentors known for their unwavering dedication to their students' success.

With over two decades of experience in the field, they leverage their expertise to provide personalized guidance, comprehensive education, and ongoing support, ensuring their students are well-equipped to achieve their financial goals as they pursue the 3 freedoms we all covet... Location, time, and financial!

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Live Events

After 20+ years of Multifamily Investing, and delivering the industry's most exciting and actionable events for over a decade, Jen & Stacy Conkey have perfected the LIVE Event experience. Whether virtual or in-person, they always deliver an emotionally charged, transformational experience that sees attendees moving forward, many for the first time ever, with a Warrior's Mindset and armed with Jen & Stacy's Multifamily strategies that prove to be the launch-point into a life of location, time, and financial freedom.

And as the founders of the Multifamily Investing industry's PREMIERE Networking Event, WOWCON, Jen & Stacy have networking DIALED IN. Real estate investing is a people business and with Jen & Stacy's unique approach, attendees have the opportunity to team-up, joining the coveted "Mission of 300" where elite prospects can work, in lockstep, directly with Jen & Stacy and their team.

Our Coaching

90% of all millionaires invest in real estate... And 86% of all millionaires have mentors...

Yet virtually everyone we cross paths with has a mindset of autonomy. They truly believe they can get started alone!


When you separate truth from wishful thinking by looking at the DATA an undeniable, new paradigm emerges...

The 95%'ERS

It's a fact that 95% of all people who have ever called themselves "a real estate investor," never closed on a single deal. EVER.

We understand bootstrapping and playing small ball... But that's where experience is hard to come by and the mistakes that are made are very expensive.

Compare that to starting out with a solid team behind you...

The 75%'ERS

When you engage the best multifamily real estate investing training, you'll be on the fast track!

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Freedom Hacking!

Our new book will show you exactly how we're leveraging our unique multifamily strategies to acquire cash-flowing, multifamily properties every year...

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Ask questions, make friends, & get free training directly from the founders of Remote Multifamily Investing Academy™ and the Warriors Of Wealth network, Jen & Stacy Conkey.

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