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"The mediocre mentor tells. The good mentor explains. The superior mentor demonstrates. The greatest mentors inspire!" ~ Lucia Ballas Traynor

Why Invest in Coaching?


You may have heard that wealthy people average 7 streams of revenue...

And 90% of all millionaires invest in real estate. That doesn't necessarily mean that they made their millions in real estate, though many certainly did. What it means is that 90% of all millionaires have real estate as one of their revenue streams.

Now, consider this... 86% of all millionaires have mentors.

Let that sink in.

Virtually every millionaire has a mentor. Jen & Stacy have several.


When you understand the data, but still observe that almost everyone starts their real estate investing journey, dreaming of financial freedom – and millionaire status, while thinking they can go it alone…

It paints a clear picture of the industry's failure rate - and Jen & Stacy's unprecedented success rate. Which would you rather be? ...


  • It's a fact that 95% of all people who have ever called themselves "a real estate investor," never closed on a single deal. EVER.
  • We understand bootstrapping and playing small ball... But that's where experience is hard to come by and the mistakes that are made are very expensive.

Or one of Jen & Stacy's 75%'ers...

  • When you engage the best multifamily real estate investing training, you'll be on the fast track!
  • 3 out of 4 of Jen & Stacy's students goes on to satisfy the Law of the First Deal then scale into portfolio growth that creates true freedom.

If you'd like to put our coaching programs to the test, book a call with our student success team and let's see if we have a program for you...

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Kimberly K

Success Coach

Joe Finnegan

Success Coach

Ryan Stankiewicz

Success Coach

The hands on weekly coaching from super successful coaches is amazing! You have nothing to lose and a lifetime of opportunity, relationships and financial freedom to gain. Just do it!! And thank me later.

Susanne Wamba

On TrustPilot

I have been part of this group 1+ years. The fountain of knowledge is priceless. The community helps me stay razor sharp focused and achieve all my real estate goals. Love Jen and Stacy they care about student development.

Su Kasem

On TrustPilot

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