Who are Jen & Stacy Conkey? the Powerhouses behind Remote Multifamily Investing Academy™!

"our first decade in Multifamily was about setting ourselves free...

We Invested Our Second Decade In Multifamily Setting Our Students Free."

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Who are Jen & Stacy Conkey? the Powerhouses behind Remote Multifamily Investing Academy™!

"our first decade in Multifamily was about setting ourselves free...

We Invested Our Second Decade In Multifamily Setting Our Students Free."

Want to know what's next?

About Jen & Stacy...

Learn more about the best multifamily real estate investing trainers and mentors in the biz, Jen & Stacy Conkey.

Jen & Stacy Conkey are not just a dynamic power couple; they're a real estate powerhouse with two decades of investment experience and an insatiable drive to transform the multifamily education space. Their passion isn't just in doing deals — it's in elevating others to do the same.

Jen, an NLP Master Practitioner and business strategist, doesn't just offer investment advice; she breaks down mental barriers and reconditions mindsets for unparalleled success. She's been instrumental in helping investors not only meet but shatter their real estate objectives.

Stacy brings a hands-on, nuts-and-bolts approach to real estate training. From the basics to the complex deal structures, she equips investors with the tangible tools needed to turn ambitions into closed deals.

RMFIA Founders Jen & Stacy Conkey
RMFIA Founders Jen & Stacy Conkey

As the visionaries behind the Remote Multifamily Investing Academy™, they've disrupted the status quo. They've developed the #1 Multifamily Academy for scaling in multifamily real estate, emphasizing the underestimated power of joint ventures before diving into larger syndications.

With Jen & Stacy, you're not just getting advice; you're getting a transformative experience. They're not just knowledgeable; they're relatable, enthusiastic, and ready to make a real impact.

Doors we acquired last year 1 in 4 different markets!
First time MFREI's we trained 1 Just last year!
students getting their very 1st deal... OVER 1 Are you next?!
Millionaires we've created 1 IN JUST 3 YEARS!

Some love from happy students...

Awesome leadership and support!

I love the way Jen & Stacy teach and breakdown the material with scenarios and tips of how to best strategize and approach situations ... Just can't get enough ... they are all so supportive...

Samantha Suarez


I've learned so much in the short time I've been in the course. Worth the Money, time, and energy invested! Stacy & Jen have saved me $$$$$ from teaching me how to avoid making "rookie" mistakes and investing like an experienced real estate investor.

Tony Guajuardo

Real Estate Agent, Dallas, TX

They Are The REAL DEAL!

Jen & Stacy have put together so many great people with a great program. I have learned so much more in the past 3 weeks with [them] than I ever learned from all other [Real Estate] investment programs combined.

Stuart Smith

Los Angeles, CA

How it all started...

Jen & Stacy didn't start where you see them today... Like you, they're real people who had to overcome the hurdles and pitfalls inherent in undertaking a new venture. This is their story...

Phase 1

Jen & Stacy, on completely separate life and career paths, did what every other American teenager was told to do... Go to college so you can get a job.


Jen gets hooked

RMFIA Founder Jen Conkey

It was 2002, when Jen was first introduced to the world of real estate investing. Jen had earned her bachelor's and master's degrees and had been working in the executive leadership teams of large companies like TRW, General Mills and Target, climbing the corporate ladder and having a lot of success.

One day, her brother came over and asked her to go with him to the store… They ended up driving neighborhoods looking for potential fix-n-flip properties.

Jen was immediately hooked!

That was the day she took up real estate investing as a side hustle, while continuing to work her job in corporate America.

Jen started her real estate side hustle with wholesaling and fix and flips, steadily building up her income and then stepping into the world of buy and hold rental property. In 2015, she decided it was time to make the leap into real estate full time.

RMFIA Founder Stacy Conkey

In 2003, Stacy was a CPA, working a steady job as a Controller for a public company, steadily climbing the corporate ladder. It was a fateful encounter with Tony Robbins that changed the course of her life forever… She realized she wasn't living the life she was meant to live.

She made the decision to dive into real estate investing full time, focusing on all aspects of real estate investing, from wholesaling, to fix and flips, single family rentals, small multifamily and eventually apartments.

With encountering so many challenges along the way, a passion settled in… How could she make the journey easier for the next generation of investors?

Stacy went on to start training and coaching new real estate investors on getting started with building their real estate portfolios.

By 2015, Stacy was training students across the nation 1 on 1 and helping them launch their real estate investing businesses.


Stacy's fateful encounter

Phase 2

Two worlds collide... And the landscape of Multifamily Real Estate Investing will never be the same.


A real game changer

RMFIA Founders Jen & Stacy Conkey
2015 was a game-changer for Jen and Stacy. That was the year their paths crossed and the world would never be the same.

When they met, Jen & Stacy quickly identified that they shared the same vision for making money in real estate. But the real jackpot was discovering that their skills in real estate were like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together, making them an unstoppable team.
RMFIA Founders Jen & Stacy Conkey

By 2016, having done multiple residential multifamily deals and dabbling in small apartment buildings that they could fund with their own capital, they jumped into learning about apartment syndication, eager to level up their game.

It wasn’t long before they realized what a different game syndication was… The costs were significant – hiring a SEC attorney, having a private placement memorandum and subscription documents drawn up, filing fees, bearing the cost of a portal and website, not to mention the new challenge of having to find sponsors to get the deals funded.

After banging their heads on the wall for several months, they had a pivotal moment where they realized they could leverage the same strategy they had used for acquiring some of their 2-4 unit properties - JOINT VENTURE!


Groundbreaking strategies

Phase 3

Jen & Stacy perfect their remote investing model, giving birth to a new generation of multifamily investors.


Remote Multifamily Investing Academy™ is born

Remote Multifamily Investing Academy™ Learning Portal
Jen & Stacy spent the next several years implementing and perfecting their Joint Venture Apartment Acquisitions Strategy. Once they had solidified all of their systems and processes for buying multifamily properties remotely, they decided it was time to share it with other investors looking to start and scale in multifamily real estate.

In 2019, the Remote Multifamily Investing Academy™ was born.

For the first time, the multifamily education space had mentors who put their students’ results above all else and had created the ultimate container for investors to get education, coaching, mindset training, and their hands being held all the way from locating a market, to closing and managing their deals... All in a 1:1 and in-person training model.
Remote Multifamily Investing Academy™ Group Coaching

2020 shocked the world with the Covid lockdowns. Everyone felt the weight of the isolation and lack of connection with like-minded people. Covid forced Jen & Stacy to re-evaluate how they could best help people and ended up massively expanding their reach...

Instead of only helping people one at a time, they were able to leverage social media and Zoom to build the ultimate network of investors wanting to start and scale their multifamily portfolios.

It was then, that the Warriors of Wealth network was born!

The Remote Multifamily Investing Academy™ and Warriors of Wealth network has become the #1 Academy for teaching investors how to scale with apartments while leveraging Joint Venture first, and THEN syndication, giving investors the maximum opportunity for real success!


Warriors of Wealth network is changing lives!

Phase 4

The power of the network and quantifiable benefits of attending Jen & Stacy's LIVE events.


We're live in 3... 2... 1...

RMFIA Founder Jen Conkey

COVID kept things virtual for quite some time… Then later in 2021, when things finally started opening up, Jen & Stacy were once again able to hold live events… This time, exclusively for the students in the Academy.

The Academy's very first live event brought members of the Academy and the network together in person, allowing them to solidify relationships made over Zoom.

What came out of that first post Covid live event was nothing short of amazing! There were so many joint venture deals done in the next six months… Mostly between the students who had attended live.

It was then that Jen & Stacy decided to host quarterly in-person events (WOWCON) for Academy members to get together, learn advanced content, improve their multifamily mindsets, network with each other and have a life changing three days in close proximity to Jen & Stacy.

Phase 5

A new mission is born and life-changing results are amplified and accelerated.
Remote Multifamily Investing Academy™ LIVE WOWCON Event

For the first time, WOWCON 2023 opened its doors to a broader audience, extending beyond the Academy's students to include individuals eager to launch and expand their multifamily investment portfolios.

This synergistic mix laid the groundwork for "The Mission of 300," an ambitious initiative envisioned and spearheaded by Jen.

"The Mission of 300" aims to assemble Academy members in year 3 and beyond, facilitating 100 teams of three, each comprising an acquisitions manager, a capital raiser, and an asset manager, each working to acquire two 100+ unit apartment buildings annually.

By doing so, Academy members will build a prominent skyline alongside mentors Jen & Stacy, creating massive, passive cash flow!

WOWCON has quicky become THE premiere networking event for anyone looking to grow and expand in the real estate investing space. Attending WOWCON is the fastest way to get into action and see the results new investors dream about!

Attendees include novice investors, experienced multifamily investors, brokers, lenders, asset protection attorneys, networking matchmakers and other highly skilled experts.


The industry's premiere networking event

next up...

Do you have what it takes?

Now, We're On A Mission To Recruit And Train 300 Elite Prospects To Build A Skyline... TOGETHER!"

Do you have what it takes to be one of the elite? Let's find out...

RMFIA On TrustPilot

REAL DEAL! If you're willing to put in the effort they have incredible support to get you wherever you want to go! Very very very impressed with the support.

Brad B

On TrustPilot

RMFIA On TrustPilot

Warriors Of Wealth is a great program run by Jen and Stacy Conkey who are just amazing mentors! Can't say enough about them.

Caroline Riley

On TrustPilot

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